Universidade Technológica Federal do Paraná


The Federal Technological University of Paraná of Brazil is the first technological university in the state of Paraná. It started its activities in 2005, after 100 years of experience as a technical school. It has already trained thousands of young professionals who are now engineers, technicians and professors who actively participate in the development of Brazilian society.
UTFPR has 13 branches and receives students from all over Brazil. Several Master's and Doctorate courses enrich the creation of knowledge and scientific knowledge to help political decision makers and companies.  The partnership with EMJM TPTI dates back to 2009, when UTFPR started to accompany the activities of the Erasmus Mundus TPTI Master.



Contact Person

Maclovia Correa da Silva

Grade: Professor
Institution: Universidade Technológica Federal do Paraná
Expertise: environment, education, culture, urbanism and heritage in Brazilian cities
Latest publications:
- CORRÊA DA SILVA Maclovia, DULLIUS Alexandre, Dinâmicas territoriais dos resíduos eletroeletrônicos domiciliares na cidade de Matinhos-PR.
- CORRÊA DA SILVA Maclovia, DA SILVA RODRIGUES Ana Paula, RODRIGUES DA SILVA ZAGO Marcia Regina, RANDO FAVORITO Andressa, FASSI CASSAGRANDE JUNIOR Eloy, LABIAK Silvestre, Política de sustentabilidade universitária e o curso de engenharia civil da UTFPR.
- CORRÊA DA SILVA Maclovia, RODRIGUES DA SILVA ZAGO Marcia Regina, DA SILVA RODRIGUES Ana Paula, KRELLING Ligia Marcelino, FASSI CASSAGRANDE JUNIOR Eloy, Conhecendo as PANCS muitas possibilidades em torno da alimentação saudável.



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