Shanghai Normal University

shanghai normal university

Founded in 1954, SHNU has 11 disciplines in 19 colleges, more than 20,000 undergraduate students, 8,000 graduate students and more than 1,100 international students. It has 9 undergraduate disciplines for doctoral students, 33 undergraduate disciplines for master's programs, 9 post-doctoral programs, 1 national key discipline for laboratories, 11 key disciplines for Shanghai municipality, 11 programs for Shanghai peaks and plateaus, 4 characteristic disciplines for graduate program construction, 1 comprehensive reform essay of Shanghai undergraduate majors, 3 outstanding teacher training and reform programs of the Chinese Ministry of Education, 1 China neo-industrial research and practice program, 8 applied science undergraduate majors for Shanghai universities, and 18 Shanghai higher education construction programs. In addition, 5 disciplines of SHNU have been ranked in the top 1 of ESI. SHNU also has a series of key national science and social science laboratories and research centers. In recent years, SHNU has been successful in gaining approval for 520 national-level programs. In particular, SHNU has a collection of more than 3 million books, more than 100 electronic databases and about 120,000 antiquarian books. The SHNU Ceramic Arts Museum is one of the ten most influential museums of traditional arts and culture in Shanghai. SHNU has established a cooperative education partnership with 7 universities in the US, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Russia and France. It has two Confucius Institutes: Fukuyama University in Japan and the University of Botswana in Africa.


Contact Person

Yichen Wang

Grade: International Programme Officer
Institution: Faculty of Finance and Business at Shanghai Normal University
Expertise: communication



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