Practical training

One of the richnesses of the Erasmus Mundus Master is to offer students, alongside a solid academic background in history, a knowledge of different professional backgrounds (museums, archives, cultural enterprises) through practical training. This learning aims to enlighten concrete heritage processes and their human, technical and financial issues, including inventory, backup and recovery operations. Pedagogical modes are teaching by the project, field visit, workshop, internships.

To increase employability, workshops directly related to entrepreneurship are taking place in Paris and Padua. The students approach by scenarios, fundraising (financial solicitation in the form of donations), networking (the creation of an effective network allowing opportunities for exchanges to serve the needs of the company and in adequacy to its environment), benchmarking (the identification of firms or communities that are leaders in their market or in a particular practice), file editing (the study of project engineering techniques and methodology), employability (taking awareness of the need for autonomous professional development).


Du savoir-faire aux paysages

L'organisation de cet atelier a eu pour but d'ouvrir une discussion autour de la relation entre les savoirs et savoir-faire qui ont fait des paysages et des territoires un patrimoine à connaître, à comprendre, à préserver et à valoriser.


Field works

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