Campaign for Applicants


Criteria for candidates

Required for admission:

- a bachelor's level for academics (bachelor's degree, diploma of laurea di primo livello) in history, geography and spatial planning, archeology, physical sciences (metals, geology), chemistry;

- the end of studies for engineering schools, schools of architecture, landscape, heritage.

This Master Degree is open to architects, planning professionals, cultural professionals (archeology, museology, heritage curator), economists specializing in the management of cultural heritage, professionals specializing in the management / restoration of cultural heritage (engineers, paleometallurgists), field archaeologists and experimental archaeologists, upon validation of experience.

Eligibility is on file. This file must include:

1. A certified photocopy of the diploma required for registration or equivalences in the scientific and / or professional field;

2. Certification of the ALTE +4 language level (French and English);

3. A handwritten cover letter written in French or English;

4. Two letters of recommendation in French or in English, from professors of the university of origin or, for professionals, scientific leaders or supervisors;

5. A curriculum vitae (special attention will be paid to candidates who already have experience in the field: internship, work ...);

6. A study project (see topics proposed) proposing a comparative study relating to the patrimonialization of a tangible or intangible technical unit: know-how, tools or machines, building, landscape, or a site accompanied by four basic bibliographic references. The originality of the subject and the commitment of the student will be particularly appreciated. Generally speaking, in their project, students must demonstrate the ability to hold original reasoning in the field, apply this ability to understand in a new situation, and communicate their skills to both specialists and non-specialists;

7. The application form properly completed and dated.

Note: For all candidates who have already defended a thesis, it is requested to submit the PDF version on the application website.

Selection criteria

Candidates are admitted after analysis of their application file by the jury according to the following criteria: academic excellence (25%); research proposal (25%); letter of motivation (15%); professional experience (15%); languages ​​(10%); home university (10%). Special attention will be paid to the cover letter and the research project. The criterion of professional experience opens the selection to professionals wishing to advance in their career by acquiring an international diploma.


Filing of files

The submission of applications is done on the online registration platform.


Application Campaigns 1

Opening of applications: 16 November 2020

Closing date for applications: 28 February, 2021

Application Campaigns 2

Opening of applications: 1st May 2021

Closing date for applications: 16 June, 2021


We request that you send a copy of your file and the requested documents by e-mail in pdf format to:; or by mail to: Secretariat of the TPTI Master, Center Malher, University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, 9, rue Malher, 75004 Paris.



EMJMD TPTI Scholarships: Admission is decided by the Scientific and Liaison Committee of the Master (CSLM). It is decided according to the rankings proposed after examination of the files by the members of each partner University. It constitutes a main list and a waiting list, which are submitted to EACEA. Final results are released in mid-May.

Without scholarships: Admission is decided by the Scientific and Liaison Committee of the Master (CSLM). It decides according to the rankings proposed after examination of the files by the members of each partner University. Results are released in mid-July.


Personal data

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Appeal procedures

Applicants wishing to appeal the decision of the jury may contact CSLM for further information:

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