Université de Ougadougou


Founded in 1974, with only 374 students, the University of Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) now has grown to more than 35,000 students. This evolution has been rapid, but is marked by a permanent search for high-quality education. Such progress has classified the University of Ouagadougou as among the best in French-speaking Africa south of the Sahara. After a reorganization of the University in 2000, the restructuring that was undertaken made it possible to fully assume a functional and utilitarian character. Gaining the statusof being a Scientific, Cultural and Technical Public Establishment (EPSCT) has further supported to the mission of training and research. It currently brings together five research and training focuses  (UFR): Exact and Applied Sciences (UFR / SEA), Life Sciences and Earth Sciences (UFR / SVT), Health Sciences (UFR / SDS), Letters, Arts and Communication (UFR / LAC) and Human Sciences (UFR / SH). Three institutes complete this system: the Burkinabè Institute of Arts and Crafts (IBAM), the Higher Institute of Population Sciences (ISSP), the Panafrican Institute for Research and Studies in Media, Information and Communication. Communication (IPERMIC). The creation of three doctorat programs (Letters, Human Sciences and Communication, Health Sciences and Science and Technology) further indicates our recognition of the importance of research in line with the development challenges that are confronted the country. The partnership within the TPTI EMJMD goes back to Key Action 3.

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