Université de Koudougou


The Department of History and Archeology of Koudougou University (Burkina Faso) was established in 2007 and includes several branches of research options in the fields of archeology, cultural heritage management, African arts and African history. Each of the options is led by scientific leadership who define the main lines of research. A department head organizes and coordinates all educational and academic activities as well as all research projects and programs. Research activities in the fields of preventive archeology, archeology and sustainable development, and research on the history of human settlements have been conducted. Currently, a main form of research focuses on the management of cultural heritage and sustainable development, especially at the level of local authorities. There is also an interest in the identification of « potential » within national parks for the promotion of eco-tourism. Many of these research activities are able to be conducted without funding.

The Department of History and Archeology has expertise that connects with the research axes of the TPTI program. This includes research around the history of techniques by giving access to observation and research around local techniques such as ancient steel industries, ethnoarchaeology in the field of ceramics protection, basketry and sculpture. As a reinteration this management focuses on a priority of cultural heritage and a relation to sustainable development.

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