Université Abou beker Belkaid de Tlemcen


The Abou beker Belkaid University of Tlemcen (Algeria) was created in 1989 and has eight Faculties spread through the Wilaya of Tlemcen (Faculty of Science, Faculty of Technology, Faculty of Law and Political Science, Faculty of letters and languages, Faculty of Natural and Life Sciences and Earth and Universe Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Economics, Business and Management Sciences, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences). It was ranked by US News and World Report as 75th in the 2016 Arab Universities Regional Ranking. The Department of Architecture within the Faculty of Technology works in particular on the methodology of conservation of already-built heritage, survey and representation of industrial heritage including mapping, inventory, evaluation and management of heritage. They are currently leading a four-year project on « The Architecture and Heritage of Industrial Worker Towns Built in Algeria under French Occupation from 1830 - 1962 ». Contributions from the Department of Architecture and the Faculty of Technology will take the form of participation in complementary courses, hosting field visits, possibilities of support for mobility or internships as well as communications around the program.

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