Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais

Minas Gerais

The Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil) has a structure of international collaboration, promotion and dissemination of information. It hosts 33,242 students and 14013 teachers, offering 75 courses and 63 doctorat schools. UFMG participates in international cooperation programs with Europe such as: University Associations of the Montevidéu Group (AUGM), Grenoble-Brazil; Coimbra Group (the Task Force); EMECW: The Brazilian Euro-Window (EBW); Improving Skills on All Continents (ISAC); as part of the  EU-BRAZIL and Monesia Project, the Europe-South America Mobility Network: An Institutional Approach (EBW II). Through these and other school resources, there are several groups connected with involved in heritage research, heritage education, cultural economics, history, architecture and sustainable development. The LEME Laboratory of Studies in Museums and Education, is an interdisciplinary group connected with the Department of Methods and Techniques of Education, Faculty of Education (DMTE-FAE), which studies the interaction between subjects and museum objects. The Scientia (DH-FAFICH), is an interdisciplinary group linked to the Department of History that researches the interdisciplinary management of historical and cultural heritage and health. GRAF is an interdisciplinary group working within Schools of Architecture and Urbanism Technology (TAU-EA), focusing on research in telecommunications, project management, preventive conservation and exhibition development in various media (graphic and virtual).

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