Universidad Externado de Colombia


The University of Colombia is a university in Bogota, located on the eastern edge of the district of La Candelaria, at the foot of Cerro de Guadalupe. It has faculties in the following fields: business administration, tourism and hospitality administration, education, human and social sciences (anthropology, philosophy, geography, history, psychology, sociology), social communication and journalism , public accounting, law, economics, cultural heritage studies, finance, government and international relations. In order to promote research in the field of techniques and technology, the Archeology Program has developed a research axis in both archeology and industrial heritage, which also covers the dynamics of production that have developed since the nineteenth century. In addition, this program has organized a course on the principles of industrial archeology. Several thesis projects related to this theme are in progress. Connected with this research, there is an approach to making an inventory of industrial heritage, some of it relating to the « altiplano cundiboyancense » as well as the participation and co-organization in seminars on industrial heritage studies, including seminars held in Bogota.

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