TICCIH Venezuela


The Venezuelan Committee for the Conservation of Industrial Heritage (CVCPI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the safeguarding of industrial heritage through the promotion of activities, such as conferences, publications in national and international journals (TICCIH, e-phaistos, Redalyc, EDA Esempi di architettura), participation in university conferences on cultural heritage (Simón Bolivar University and Central University of Venezuela), participation in porfessional conferences and events relating to industrial heritage, acting as an industrial heritage advisor in projects relating to the subject, including a social media presence. Supporting colleagues at the national level are Simon Bolivar University, Zulia University, who hosts an Advanced Cultural Management program. On the international level, this Committee also collaborates with TICCIH, leading us to the creation of the committee in Venezuela. CVCPI’s area of ​​expertise is the restoration, management, conservation, dissemination and cataloging of both tangible and intangible industrial cultural heritage.

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