Museu de Portimao


The Portimão Museum (Portugal), opened in 2008, is a « Museum of Society, Identity and Territory ». It is a main museum for the City of Portimão and serves as a center with several functions of training, services including scientific and cultural activities. Housed in a former fish cannery, the museum aims to preserve and present to the public, a history that is directly related to activities fundamental to the development of the city and remain a significant part of population it is attached to.

Programming develops new strategies to help the community better understand the environment in which they live today. It seeks to develop cultural activities that will attract the interest of visitors and tourists visiting the Algarve region. Thus, temporary exhibitions, regularly renewed, presenting diverse themes. The museum also maintains regional history connected with the city because they hold the city’s archives.

The Portimão Museum integrated the international project « A Taste of Europe », approved by the European Union’s mandate of « Culture 2007-2013 », which was in partnership with the following other museums and cultural centers : Arbedjdermuseet, Tehniski Musej Slovenije, Eestirahva Museum, The Scottish Fisheries Museum Trust, Finnish Labor Museum Werstas, Museum of Hungarian Agriculture and the National Museum of Agriculture Prague. The Portimão Museum also collaborates with the University of Évora and has hosted students for internships during their time in school. Since its opening, it has hosted study visits, including those of the TPTI. In this context, it can welcome students as trainees for a period of 1 to 3 months, especially those who intend to develop skills relating to the role museums play for the cultural promotion of a region as well as preserving the memory of a city. This inbcludes the promotion of conditions which allow for students to approach these themes from a professional point of view, including issues of valorization relating to industrial heritage and the revitalization of activities in a city or region. The Portimão Museum welcomes and promotes the training of students who want to better understand the transformation of current realities of former urban territories connected with industry.

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