Fundaçao Cidade de Ammaia


The Cidade de Ammaia Foundation, founded in 1997, is one of the first organizations in Portugal created with the aim of safeguarding the ruins of the national monument, Ammaia. The objectives of this Foundation are, on the one hand, the continuation of actions in the cultural, educational and philanthropic fields, and on the other hand promotion of scientific research, including the possibility of acting in the areas of community building and sports activites.

This Foundation has always provided important services through the promotion of culture and the preservation of heritage. Since its’ beginning, there has been the continuation of scientific archaeological work in Ammaia and in the surrounding areas in this Roman city. Several public entities, such as the municipality of Marvão and the universities of Évora and Lisbon, are among them. This allows the Foundation to regularly host TPTI students as part of their field visits. In 2010, the Foundation obtained a Declaration of Public Utility (Order No. 15694/2010), which was confirmed in 2013 (Order No. 4887/2013).

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