Fondazione Villa Fabris

Villa Fabris

The European Center for Heritage Trades was founded in 1977 in Italia on a mandate of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, dedicated to safeguarding and promoting cultural properties through vocational training. Since 2008, this Center has been part of the Villa Fabris Foundation, which ie based in Thiene in the province of Vicenza. This Center conducts their research in an eighteenth-century villa. The foundations of education provided here focus on the concepts of conservation on an international level and applied in the context of specific local realities. This Center educates ways to learn how to choose the best techniques for integrating developments or other forms of rehabilitation, including the use of the most appropriate materials. The European Center for Heritage Trades is considered as a reference institution for their work in the conservation sector. It is one of the only truly international institutions that offers openness to different of methods research and actions including a special teaching formula that includes simultaneous interpretations of work in four languages. Most of the teaching is done in an interdisciplinary way, alternating individual practical learning with theoretical courses. The Villa Fabris Foundation pursues the following objectives: to highlight conservation and heritage trades; to train cultural and technical methods to young people in the restore sector, bringing the use of the most advanced technologies while at the same time respecting the traditions, history and culture specific to a territory. As part of this, training restaurant experts and passing on the experience and know-how of master restaurateurs and artisans to new generations is essential. Since 2012, the Center has been part of a group of training centers which gave birth to the new European Federation of Heritage Professionals (FEMP), whose aim is to promote the transfer of trades and traditional know-how on an international level.

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